Roto-cart is an important tissue converter, with two productive units and twenty-five years of experience.
Roto-cart's products stand out in the domestic and international markets for the accurate selection of the raw materials and the cutting-edge technology they are made with. Roto-cart's success is proof of the company's ability to fulfil its customers' and consumers' requirements, with reliable, innovative and excellent products.


High-tech tissue converting machinery is at work in Roto-cart's plants to produce excellent products.
The company invests in technology to improve its ranges and fulfil its customers' and consumers' requirements as best as it can.
Embossed patterns that increase absorbency and strength, clear-cut, brightly coloured prints, softness and fluffiness, are the features that make Roto-cart's products stand out from the competition.

Quality Control system

Roto-cart only sells the best products, those that pass strict quality tests run by its own laboratory.
Through endless research, it develops innovative, sometimes even unique, products that can even create a brand-new market segment. Absorbency and strength, softness of feel and thickness are tested to find if there is any room for improvement and provide customers and consumers with the products they are looking for.


Roto-cart can be found on the shelves of large-scale retailers, including specialist household and toiletry shops. A wide national and international distribution network; quality is a universal language that makes Roto-cart's products well known and loved even abroad.